Curtains for your home: how to choose the right curtain for each room

Choosing a curtain online for interiors is very important. Curtains can transform the look of a home. Choosing the right one is essential to give the right touch to the ambiance. What is more, curtains protect privacy and help change the brightness of the rooms.

La Casa Italiana has always chosen the premium sophistication and uniqueness of curtains made by Via Roma, 60, the home linen brand that dresses every room with high-quality fabrics and stylish patterns. Here are our tips for choosing the perfect home curtains for every decorating style.

Curtains for your home: how to choose the right curtain for each room

Curtains and drapes: tips for the right light and brightness

Curtains have the important function of filtering the light that penetrates into a room. Before choosing the right type for each room, you need to determine the amount of light you want in each area.

In the sleeping area, a darker type of curtain capable of providing privacy is often preferred. In the living area, on the other hand, choosing the right curtain depends on the degree of light exposure of the windows.

For a living room that is very exposed to the sun, especially in summer, a blackout curtain will be essential. On the other hand, if the room is not very bright, the perfect curtain will be light, airy and made of thin fabric.

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Curtains also help improve the thermal insulation of your home. They retain heat in winter and they filter the sun in summer, keeping your home cooler. Each season has a special need that requires a specific type of curtain. Once you have determined the amount of light and heat you want, you can proceed to choose the right curtain for each room.


Curtain fabrics: the best for the home

For your home you can choose cotton curtains, linen-blend curtains, 100% linen curtains, fire retardant curtains, water-repellent curtains, embroidered fabric curtains, georgette curtains, and outdoor mildew-resistant curtains made of fade-proof material.

The best curtain fabrics can withstand washing and the variable light conditions to which they are exposed. Depending on your needs, you can choose the perfect indoor curtains online for any room.

Cotton curtains are lightweight, cool and able to withstand washing. Printed or plain cotton curtains are available in a variety of trendy colors for every style.

The linen blend curtains (10%, 30% and 50%) are practical and perfect for every room. Crinkle or solid color versions are available. If you love elegance, 100% linen curtains are what you're looking for. Crisp and fresh, they're ideal for brightening up your living room or transforming your bedroom into a chic setting.

Linen is a delicate fabric that needs to be treated with care. Follow the washing instructions on the product label to avoid nasty surprises.

If you are looking for a large stock of curtains for hotels, B&Bs or restaurants, you will need fireproof fabric for your guests’ safety. If you know that your curtains will be subjected to frequent washing, choose waterclean water-repellent fabric that dries fast in any condition.

For a classic setting with a vintage feel, we have a wide range of curtains made of embroidered fabric (polyester, linen or tulle blends), capable of tastefully dressing any room.

For a light and fine curtain, georgette fabric is perfect. You can choose solid color or printed georgette curtains for a personal touch. For the outdoors, such as decorative curtains for gazebos or patio curtains, a mold-resistant fabric that resists UV rays while keeping the original color and quality of the curtain perfect over time is preferable.

La Casa Italiana with Via Roma, 60 curtains offers you the elegance of unique and sought-after fabrics, ideal for enhancing the beauty of your home.


Via Roma, 60 curtain fabrics: types of treatments

Via Roma, 60 curtains are the magic touch to complete your home decor by taking care of every detail.

In addition to the premium, unmistakable fabrics, Via Roma, 60 curtains express the workmanship that encapsulates all the care of the well-known home linen and bedding brand.

For instance, dévoré printed curtains have transparent patterns made by removing fibers from the treated fabric. It is a popular type of curtain fabric and its undeniable charm furnishes any room with style. Via Roma, 60 devoré curtains come in a variety of different patterns and colors, to fulfill your every wish.

Via Roma, 60 filcoupé curtains are also much loved by our customers. Fil coupé is a special technique in which untying threads are cut. The result? Curtains that combine tradition and modernity, for timeless classic decor.

Also available are Via Roma, 60 in taffeta curtains. It is one of the most beautiful silk fabrics. Its shiny, glossy appearance brings brilliance to your home. Each color is rich in reflections, for a curtain that decorates and adds brightness of your home.

In addition, you can find jaquard or printed curtains. The former technique is characterized by complex designs made by a single weaver. Printed fabric is practical and perfect for any room.

La Casa Italiana offers Via Roma, 60 has floral, striped fabric and solid curtain fabric. All you have to do is contact us at or visit one of our stores.

Home curtains: the right model for every room

We have a full selection of classic curtains, modern curtains, indoor curtains, outdoor curtains, white curtains, colored curtains, drawstring curtains, panel curtains, online ready-made curtains, and custom-made curtains available, perfect for every room and every style.


Curtain with eyelets

The curtain with eyelets is an easy to hang allowing you to redo the look of a room in no time. You can pick from a wide range of white eyelet curtains from Via Roma, 60, plain colored eyelet curtains or patterned eyelet curtains. The advantage of this type of curtain is that it can be put up and down in a flash, making it quick to wash as well.

Curtains with eyelets are ideal in any room, but especially when you want to combine style and practicality. You can choose a light-colored curtain to increase the brightness of your living room, or a blackout bedroom curtain panel to recreate an elegant and intimate setting.

La Casa Italiana has many types of eyelet curtains from the Via Roma, 60 range: contact us for more information.


Adjustable curtains

Adjustable curtains are perfect in kitchens, bathrooms, and everywhere else in your home. Pairs of adjustable curtains are ideal for small windows and to keep the rooms nice and bright. You can choose from patterned adjustable curtains, white adjustable curtains, white curtains, blackout adjustable curtains for extra privacy.

Adjustable curtains can be hung in no time and change the appearance of a room in an instant. Via Roma, 60 adjustable curtains are a burst of elegance and practicality. Discover all Via Roma, 60 curtain models at La Casa Italiana: contact us for all the information you're looking for!


Curtain panel with valance

The curtain panels with valance feature an adjustable valance and concealed eyelets. The curtains made online with this new system allow you to dress your home with style hiding the rod for a refined result.

This curtain model is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and nurseries. There are many patterns available and they satisfy every decorating taste: colored, white, plain and patterned.

Discover all curtain panel with valance from Via Roma, 60. You can find the most beautiful models on La Casa Italiana's online shop or at our stores.


Wave curtains

Our wave curtains refresh the classic concept in a cool, modern key.

The special system gives the curtain an always defined look. It is the stylish touch you've been looking for. Wave curtains are perfect in any room of your home.

Ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, they come in a wide variety of fabrics for all the other rooms of the home. The sliding system that distributes the waves is easy to use, ensuring the convenience of use you are seeking.

The wave curtains of Via Roma, 60 are elegant. Trust La Casa Italiana to help you find the perfect model to furnish your home with style.

Wave curtains

Ready-made curtains online

Choosing ready-made curtains online means buying a quality product with all the features you are looking for. You need to take the measurements well and check that the model you choose is in line with what you want for your home decor. Online you can find various types of curtains for the home in the most popular sizes on the market.


Custom-made curtains online

If you need window curtains with special sizes or you are looking for a particular fabric, contact our customer service department to buy your custom-made curtain online at affordable prices.

With La Casa Italiana you have hundreds of models of curtains for your children's room, bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen.

We personally make curtains for hotels, restaurants and B&Bs. Our fabrics are all of the highest quality. We choose only the best linens for your home, whatever room you are dressing.

In addition, many of our Via Roma, 60 curtains for the home can be paired with Via Roma, 60 bedding. This means you can pick matching bedding sets and curtains for an unparalleled effects.

La Casa Italiana offers an extensive catalog of modern and classic curtains for all rooms in your home. Visit our home linen shop and start shopping! Are you looking for something special and need more information?

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Customized curtains online