How to furnish your first home: all the tips

Furnishing your first home is one of the most important moments in everyone's life. Choosing how to personalize a home means deciding on the spaces, colors, and style of what will become your personal haven.

With a few small tips furnishing a home can turn into a fun time, whether you have decided to buy a home alone or as a couple. Here are all the tips to start decorating your home from scratch with creativity and style.

Furnishing your home: what you need to know before you start

Furnishing your first home is a daunting and exciting task to be undertaken in the right spirit. This is an opportunity to bring a new place to life dressing it with your own character and personality. If you take this step alone, you will undoubtedly have more responsibility on your shoulders, but you will have maximum freedom over every choice you have to make. On the other hand, if you are experiencing this as a couple, it will be very pleasant to share ideas and inspirations for the home and bring your love nest to life.

The first piece of advice is to fix a budget for home decor. Once you have set a ballpark figure, try to figure out how much to spend on each room in your home that you need to furnish. The furnishing budget will obviously not be final, but it serves to approach purchases rationally. There is no such thing as a right budget. In addition to considering what you can afford, remember that high-quality furniture is more expensive but will last you for many years. Carefully consider the rooms in which it makes sense to save money and where it would be better to spend more to protect you from nasty surprises in the future. With that defined, you're ready to go!

Home decorating tips

First, consider the spaces you need to furnish. This will help you figure out how to design the home decor and organize the work.

When the house is empty, it is easier to decide how to arrange the furniture, where to put the sofa, what kind of bookshelves to choose, and how to arrange all the furniture. But the first step is to define a style that will create pleasing coherence in the home. Taking inspiration from all the furniture style trends, you can define each room and enhance your home. You can choose, for instance, to use similar wall colors in each room, to create continuity, or the same materials for furniture and furniture complements.

If you have a very large house, you can choose to customize each room with a different style, but be careful not to overdo it. Remember that your home should feel hospitable and make your guests feel comfortable.

The advice is to start with the kitchen, one of the most important places in the house. The solutions for furnishing the kitchen are many and it all depends on the available space. Traditional solutions, such as the linear kitchen, take advantage of a long wall for arranging the furniture, while a corner kitchen or an island is ideal for creating a warm and cozy environment. For the kitchen furniture we recommend that you consult a consultant who can suggest the best solution for your space, ensuring a beautiful but above all functional environment.

Home decorating tips

Home furnishing: the importance of each room

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home but the living room is perhaps the one most exposed to the eyes of our visitors. Therefore, knowing how to furnish the living room is crucial to having a home that is rich in style and perfect for inviting friends and family. Whether you are going for a modern, contemporary, traditional or minimal living room, the basic elements that cannot be missed are a sofa, a table, a bookcase solution, and a well-integrated space for television furniture.

For the choice of furniture, it all depends on the style you have identified for your home. The only advice we can give you is to opt for light color furniture if the living room is small, to make the room more airy.

The sofa is another important furniture purchase for the first home. There are many models on the market and the choice depends on how you like to live in the living area. Do you often have friends over? In this case, a spacious corner sofa is what you need. Do you love to binge-watch TV series by yourself? A model with chaise longue will surely do the trick. Do you love reading your partner loves watching the TV? Create a relaxing corner with an armchair all to yourself and add a two-seater sofa near a reading light.

When furnishing your living room, don't forget to value the brightness. A good help in calibrating the natural light in the living area can come to you from buying curtains to match your home. Depending on the size of the windows and the room, you can choose the right model for each room.

How to furnish your first home in style

Once you have completed the living area, you can move on to furnishing the sleeping area.

The bedroom is a place of rest and privacy, you need to take care of every detail. The elements from which to start and which will condition the rest of the bedroom decor are the double bed and the closet. These are two big pieces of furniture but are also essential to make the room functional. The whole style of the room will develop around the double bed. Choose it carefully without getting caught up in the fashion of the moment. Think about the space you have available. It might be useful to buy a bed with storage or built-in drawers, to get more space for your bedding.

The closet is essential to make an organized and functional bedroom, along with the bed. The option with sliding or hinged doors depends on the size of the room: the first model is the right solution for a small room, while the second will enhance a large room even more. If the room is small, the advice is to choose a closet with mirrored doors. In addition to having a space-saving "two-in-one" solution, the mirror is a great expedient to make the room look bigger.

Furnishing the bedroom

Home furnishings: the linens to buy for the first home

Furnishing the first home also means purchasing all the essentials for the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom. Everything you need to make your home cozy and functional for everyday life.

For the kitchen, you'll need tableware, jars, and containers for storing food, as well as pots, pans and cooking utensils. Don't forget all the kitchen linens  dish towels, towelsaprons, i kitchen mats and curtains.

A substantial initial expenditure of bathroom linens will be at first. You will need at least three sets of towels, one bathrobe each, one set of guest towelsbath mats and shower towels.

Moving on to the living room, you will need to purchase at least two sofa covers and cushions to furnish the living area. For the living room you need curtains that will enhance the brightness of the room.

The room that requires the most linens is undoubtedly the bedroom. Bedding is not only useful but also serves to decorate the room with style and creativity. You will need at least three sets of sheets for the bed, two comforter covers, one comforter , one quilt, and two bedspreads. But that's not all. You also need bed protection such as mattress coverbed base cover, and pillow cover.

Here are all the tips for furnishing your first home, so you can better organize your activities and plan your expenses without having any nasty surprises... You just have to get started!
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