Tips for choosing a down comforter

Our online shop offers the best selection of down comforters for double and single beds. La Casa Italiana chooses only the best brands to ensure a warm and rejuvenating rest. Precisely for this reason, the choice of a down comforter cannot be dictated by chance but must take into account several factors.

This page brings you the main tips to best choose lightweight and cozy down comforter to buy for a warm and comfortable winter.

Tips for choosing a down comforter

Size guide for down comforters

The first step in choosing a down comforter is to figure out the correct size. In general, the advice is to buy a down comforter that are at least 20 cm longer than you are tall. You will see that it will be even more comfortable and practical! Depending on whether you are looking for a down comforter for double, single, or queen size bed, here are the correct measurements:

Single bed size

  • Mattress size 80/90 x 190/200: standard down comforter size 155x200

Queen size bed

  • Mattress size 120/140x190/200: standard down comforter size 200x200

Double bed size

  • Mattress size160/180x190/200: 250x200 standard size These are the standard sizes for down comforters. Some brands have maxi sizes designed for people taller than 190 cm. If you are looking for special down comforter sizes, search our online shop or contact us for all the assistance you deserve!

Difference between feather and down

One of the most frequently asked questions we are asked concerns the difference between feather and down.

There is a bit of confusion on the topic. The goose down used to stuff a comforter is the highest quality. Because of its fluffy structure, it is light and pleasant to the touch. Down is obtained from adult geese after at least one winter in natural breeding conditions.

The quality of the down is also determined by the plucking method. Manual plucking does not damage the fibers, while mechanical plucking is riskier.

With La Casa Italiana you can choose from a wide selection of goose down comforters: the higher the percentage of down in the composition, the higher its quality will also be.

For example, Interno Piumino 4 Stagioni Diamond In Piuma Dormirè is filled with 100% white goose down - 100% white sateen cotton 60/80 TC353. It is a lightweight, enveloping down comforter, pleasant on the skin, and perfect in winter for warm nights under the covers. If you're wondering, the rest of the filling is made of small feathers, that along with the down, help make it exceptional for the colder season. Thermal classification: 3+1 tog (3 for constantly heated rooms at 20°C - 1 for very warm rooms plus 25°C).

Feathers have the same characteristics as down but are heavier. For this reason, they are mainly used in the filling of furniture products. Always pay attention to the label and specifications of the down comforter you have decided to buy. Only by taking a good look at the technical data of the product can you be sure that you have chosen the best for your rest!

The features of the perfect down comforter

Now that you know the measurements for your down comforter and the quality factors you need to pay attention to, here are the main features of the perfect down comforter in brief:

  1. Lightness: on average, a down staple weighs 2 to 3 milligrams, and about 4 grams of filling is used for each cubic decimeter.
  2. Softness: a down comforter should be naturally soft. Don't trust one that isn't soft to the touch or immediately comfortable.
  3. Breathability: the perfect top-quality down comforter absorbs moisture and releases it to the outside.
  4. Warmth: the down comforter for winter cannot fail to be warm. Above all, it must be able to generate a microclimate and a constant temperature throughout the night in harmony with your body.

Let's face it: the perfect down comforter is soft, snug, warm but light. In a nutshell, it is your best ally for a good night’s sleep.

The features of the perfect down comforter

Comforter types

La Casa Italiana has a full range of comforters for all needs. Our products are all of extreme quality and sophistication.

We begin by introducing our Interno Piumino Diamond Medium In Piuma Dormirè, which is ideal for Mediterranean climates, for the fall and mild winters. It is also perfect for use in very heated bedrooms. With its medium weight, it offers warmth and coolness in one product. The name perfectly explains the characteristics of this down comforter. Cool, pleasant and comfortable, it will ensure a deep rest and a perfect microclimate.

The Piumino Diamond Medium In Piuma Dormirè is made of 100% white goose down - 100% white sateen cotton 60/80 TC353. The Dormirè down comforter bed interior perfectly encapsulates our knowledge and experience, ensuring a long-lasting and easy-care type of product.

The  Interno Piumino 4 Stagioni Diamond In Piuma Dormirè is also made of 100% white goose down. It has two fillings with different thermal capacities - tog 4 - Class I. Its light weight makes it perfect in the fall/spring and also ideal for cooler summer evenings. The medium weight, on the other hand, is ideal for autumn or mild winters, or very warm rooms, with temperatures between 25°C and 28°C. Combined, the light and medium weights form a down comforter with great thermal power, perfect in cold winter periods, for very chilly people or cold rooms (from 15°C to 17°C).

These down comforters are NOMITE certified, which guarantees that they can be used by those with dust allergies. The dense weave of the fabric, which is impenetrable to feathers and down, offers invincible protection against dust mites. Even for asthma or allergy sufferers, these down comforters are truly exceptional. Dormirè is among the best brands of down comforters for bed, always a certainty for the best night’s sleep.

Following the advice of La Casa Italiana, you can choose between two Dormirè down comforters. Both are hypoallergenic, made of cotton, and perfect for a warm rest even for the most dust-sensitive individuals.

The 4-seasons down comforter consists of two down comforters joined together by convenient button clips. The lightweight layer (100gr/sqm) can be used on warmer nights, and the heavier down comforter (160gr/sqm) is ideal in the fall. Together, they are perfect for the cold of winter. The cover is made of very fine 100% polyester microfiber fabric with feather-retaining 230 threads/inch for product quality.

The second Dormirè product is a hypoallergenic down comforter with a pure cotton cover. The filling is made of a special hypoallergenic fiber feather-like fiber that ensures lightness and maximum comfort while preventing the onset of allergies.

Down comforter labels and certification

Our down comforters have the following certifications:

  • ASSOPIUMA guarantees that the information on the label about the composition and treatment of the fillings is true and correct in compliance with the current hygienic-sanitary regulations (European Norm EN 12934).
  • NOMITE guarantees that the product is mite-proof and can be used by dust allergy sufferers.
  • OEKO-TEX guarantees the safety and well-being of users.

The tog rating of a down comforter

One of the characteristics that determines the quality of a down comforter is the so-called tog rating, that is, the degree of warmth it produces. The scale for describing this capacity is:

  • tog 5 rating: very warm, ideal for cold climates;
  • tog 4 rating: quite warm, perfect for winter and unheated rooms;
  • tog 3 rating: medium for the fall or medium-heated rooms;
  • tog 2 rating: light for mild seasons or very heated rooms;
  • tog 1 rating: very light for mid-season or summer. Before purchasing, we recommend that you thoroughly consider the environment where you will use the down comforter to buy the right one for your needs.
Maintenance tips for down comforters

Maintenance tips for down comforters

Even the best winter down comforter can be ruined if you don’t look after it properly.

For this reason, we suggest you follow our tips to have a perfect and long-lasting down comforter. Firstly, remember to air your down comforter regularly. Avoid exposing it to smog (e.g., on a balcony overlooking a street) or direct sunlight. In general, the best time is early in the morning, when the sunlight is still weak and the air is clean.

If you are wondering how to wash your down comforter, you are in the right place. First of all, you should know that washing is recommended every four years in the laundry or at home. Obviously, each down comforter displays washing details on the label, but in general never use chlorine-based bleaches and washing cycles hotter than 40°C. If you want to wash your down comforter at home, set the washing machine cycle to synthetic fibers or cotton. Importantly, never expose your down comforter to direct sunlight to dry it. Keep it away from the radiator too!

Down comforters can also be washed by hand with lukewarm water and mild soap. Rinse several times until the water runs clear. At each change of season, store the down comforter in its original packaging that will protect it until the next use.