Tips for buying bedroom linens

Choosing house linens requires proper attention. Not only does your household linen give your home style and personality, but it is what will come into contact with your skin and that of the people you love.

This is why you need to choose the fabrics well. Among the elements of household linens, bedding is undoubtedly one of the most important. Here are some tips for making the best choice of linens for your bedroom and what is best to consider before proceeding with the purchase of double sheets or comforters.

Bedding set items

The elements that make up the bedding set are:

  • Mattress cover
  • Pillow cover
  • Sheet with corners
  • Sheet without corners
  • Pillowcases
  • Comforter cover
  • Quilt
  • Quilt cover
  • Bedspread

According to the season or habits, these elements can be combined or used individually. Each item has its own specific function that must be taken into careful consideration. We are talking especially about the mattress cover, the importance of which is often underestimated.

Before proceeding with the tips for choosing bedding, it is right to remember that the mattress cover is a fundamental item, especially for hygiene. It protects the mattress from mites and dust, which could ruin it.

Guide to bedding sizes

Each bedding item can be purchased in the standard sizes of different types of beds:

  • French bed 140x190 cm but the length can vary up to 195-200 cm
  • Traditional double bed; 160/180 cm wide for the bed, about 2 meters wide for the bedding
  • Queen size bed 130/150 cm wide for bed, about 170 cm wide for linens
  • Single bed 80-90-100 cm wide, about 120 cm wide for linens

When purchasing bedding, you should also check the length of sheets and comforters/quilts: bedding lengths range from 190 to 200 cm.

Although increasingly less frequently, non-standard beds do still exist. In this case, it is advisable to know the exact measurements of your bed to proceed with custom-made bedding.

How to choose bed sheets

The choice of sheets is undoubtedly one of the most important step when buying bed linen. It is necessary to have clear ideas because there are plenty of ideas in terms of fabrics and colors to choose from. The bedroom is one of the most important places in the home. To make the environment harmonious and elegant, you need to take care of every detail.

Here are the three most popular fabrics on the market for bed sheets to help you choose the one best suited to your needs.

Cotton sheets

Of the bedding fabrics, certainly cotton is among the most widely used. Cotton sheets are a favorite not only because they are natural and pleasant to the touch, but also because they are easy to wash. In addition, cotton has the great virtue of being an inexpensive yet still high-quality fabric.

It is a light fabric and suitable for all kinds of seasons. The feeling on the skin is cool, and very pleasant. Cotton, composed of 95% cellulose, is a soft fabric that can absorb liquids well. In addition, it does not irritate and is particularly suitable for everyone with sensitive skin.

Cotton bedding is recommended if you are looking for a versatile and easy-to-use product. It is appreciated by young couples because of the wide choice of colors and prints available. For crisp, ever-changing bedding, let yourself be inspired by the many types of cotton sheets on our site: you'll get a fresh, natural type of bedding that's full of color!

Linen sheets

Linen, on the other hand, is a more refined fabric, characterized by great visual effect and attention to detail. Less common than cotton, linen sheets are often made by specialized workshops that make unique, custom-made products.

Linen is favored by those who take great care of home linens. More than just a furnishing accessory it is a way to express your taste and personality.

But that's not all. Linen bed sheets are recommended for those who are very sensitive to heat because they are breathable and cool. In addition, linen sheets do not retain dust or microorganisms, being totally hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Linen sheets can be naturally made, that is, "plain," but also hand-embroidered, for an even more personal touch. Whatever the type, linen sheets are a delicate and pleasant bedding complement to the skin. Choose from our proposals the type of sheets you like best, to make your bedroom even more refined.

Silk sheets

Silk needs no introduction. Thanks to its superb texture, it is very appreciated as a chic and all-natural bedding fabric.

It is certainly not among the cheapest fabrics. Pure silk can be very expensive and often found only at specialty stores. Finding 100% silk sheets is not easy. Be careful and choose only the first-quality one to have the certainty of a long-lasting and durable fabric.

In addition to its famous smooth and ultra-soft texture, silk is known for being the most biocompatible fabric. Suitable for any skin type, it is also a good thermal insulator and perfect for any season. Buying silk sheets is recommended if you are looking for a fabric that is not only natural but also valuable and capable of making your rest really special.

Silk is an extremely delicate material and requires a lot of washing care. It may not be suitable for children's rooms, but for the master bedroom it is a really elegant fabric.

Let yourself be fascinated by our silk bedding proposals. You will have all the beauty of a unique fabric and the certainty of buying safely, with the assurance of 100% quality.

How to choose a down comforter

The down comforter will help you get through the cold winter nights. The more comfortable it is, the harder it is to leave in the morning. Since it is intended to provide cozy refuge, it must be warm and soft.

To buy a down comforter you need to know the many types available on the market and the different characteristics to get the right one best suited to your needs and spend your money well. Also consider that a down comforter is an item you will not buy frequently. A good quality one will last you a very long time.

Here are the different types of down comforters you can buy and everything you need to know about how to choose the perfect one for your bedroom.

Goose down comforters

Goose down comforters are the most common on the market. They are also the most popular because they offer a good answer to your bedding related needs.

How to choose a goose down comforter? The answer must take into consideration many factors. The first is undoubtedly the quality of the down. Not all ducks and geese have feathers suitable for comforters, and you should not be fooled. Real goose down looks like a fluffy ball formed by small "barbs." Although you can find different types of down comforters on the market, often passed off as original, only this type of down can creating an insulating effect that gives you that warm feeling you want to find under the covers.

Always read the label carefully. The ideal would be 100% goose down, or at least 90% down and 10% down. Also very important is the provenance of the down. Animals from cold areas such as Siberia, Greenland, and Canada will provide a softer and warmer down.

Attention also needs to be paid to the filling power, which is the volume/weight ratio of the down filling from which the quality of the product can be inferred. The higher the filling power, the better the quality of the down.

Furthermore, before proceeding to purchase a goose down comforter, you need to pick the heat efficiency best for you. Down comforters are rated by a coefficient ranging from 1 to 5, that is, from light to very warm. Obviously, depending on the seasons and your body temperature, it will be important to choose the down comforter with the right coefficient.

Specifically, here are the types of down comforters to choose from. There are four types:

  • Fresh (tog 1-2): ideal for spring/summer seasons, they help keep the body dry.
  • Medium (tog 3): ideal for mid-season, for moderately heated environments.
  • Warm (tog 4): ideal for the fall/winter season, for poorly heated rooms.
  • Super-warm (tog 5): the "classical" winter down comforter, for colder winters and unheated environments.

Beware of the certifications on the down comforter. The Nomite mark guarantees that the product is hypoallergenic and mite-free, while OEKO-TEX certifies that it is not harmful to health.

The last aspect to consider before purchasing is the fabric used to contain the down. We recommend preferring a cotton cover, which ensures breathability and greater hygiene.

What is the difference between a down comforter and a quilt?

When buying bedding, you are often faced with a choice: down comforter or quilt? Choosing which is more suitable for your bedroom depends on your taste. To help you make the choice, here are the main differences between down comforters and quilts.

A quilt is a middle ground between blanket and down comforter. With a blanket, it shares the size and the use in combination with sheets, while it has the filling of a comforter.

The quilt consists of three parts:

  • Outer fabric
  • Inner lining
  • Filling

The outer fabric is what you see and obviously varies according to taste. There are many colors and patterns to choose from when purchasing a quilt for a double bed.

The inner lining often consists of a softer fabric than the outer and is responsible for transmitting comfort and pleasure to your bodies.

The filling of the quilt can be of several materials: goose down, batting, wool, felt, or synthetic fibers. One of the differences between a quilt and a comforter is precisely in appearance. A quilt is a "finished package," while the comforter always shifts its appearance according to the cover chosen.

In addition, quilts are longer than comforters, which is inspired by Nordic bedding that is more basic.

In brief, quilts are traditional bedding items ideal for achieving a more classic look. Comforters, on the other hand, are versatile and preferred if you are going for a more modern bedroom style.

How to choose the color of bedding: trends and tips

After the tips for buying bedding and on how to choose a down comforter and quilt, let's now move on to the fun part of shopping. What color should the bedding be?

On the market you can find sheets in every color and shade, down comforter covers, and other items that complete your room. One of the most popular colors for bedding is blue because it is relaxing, elegant, deep, and always on trend. It is the most common color found in bedrooms worldwide. Lovers of blue bedding claim it is a color that brings peace and harmony to rooms. Why not give it a try?

Classic and increasingly in vogue is white bedding. After having been set aside for some time because it was considered too traditional, it is coming back into fashion in the wake of the Nordic style and essential type of furniture.

Off-white hues of cream, beige, ice, and a thousand other shades in between convey a precious and never predictable look and are very sought-after for bed linen.

On the subject of patterns, on the other hand, you are spoiled for choice. There are many styles and colors of bedding perfect for every setting. Some of the most popular are the oriental and floral styles, in line with a brightly hued home that can pleasantly surprise guests.

The romantic style also continues to be successful. The sheets are covered in flowers, in delicate or strong tones and turn the bedroom into a true ode to spring.

Whatever your taste, you can choose the colors of bed linen most suited to your personality from our wide selection. Just start choosing the perfect style for your bedroom! Feel free to contact us for advice on choosing bedding from top brands such as: Via Roma, 60, Maè, Happy People, Molina, Missoni Home, Bingi, Bellora, Mastro Raphael.

You'll find them at discounted prices all year round in our stores and online.